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Scenic South Coast Cabin Getaways-

Scenic South Coast Cabin Getaways-

With the state back open and summer on its way, there has never been a better time to book a south coast cabin holiday.

The south coast is a renowned holiday spot, famous for being where the escarpment meets the sea. It offers a variety of options from a cabin right by the beach through to remote mountain hideaways.

Here’s a look at some of the best spots along the south coast from the Illawarra through to the Eurobodalla Shire.


Wollongong is considered the capital of the south coast, being its most populous region. It is also the gateway to the south coast being the first major centre south of Sydney and offers a variety of great cabin sites on the South Coast. Wollongong is ideal for shorter weekends away for people based in Sydney or is an ideal spot for a few nights stop over for people working their way along the coast.

Take in a breathtaking view of the area’s picturesque coastline with a drive or walk along the Seacliff Bridge. A remarkable feat of modern engineering spanning across more than four hundred metres of sheer coastal cliff face between Coalcliff and Clifton. Just two of many small towns which make up a great spots for a cabin getaway at the northern end of the Wollongong area.

Further south, Lake Illawarra is an estuary of thirty five square kilometres which receives both freshwater runoff from the Illawarra escarpment and tidal influxes of saltwater from the ocean front lake’s entrance. It is the ideal all round family spot offering fishing, swimming, and sailing and certainly worth considering hiring a cabin nearby.


Scenic cabins on the south coast

The Shoalhaven is one of the most versatile holiday spots on the south coast and offers an ideal choice of locations for a cabin holiday.

The stretches along Seven Mile Beach with townships like Gerroa and Gerringong are perfect spots for a seaside cabin, whilst you can venture over the mountains into the scenic Kangaroo Valley if you are looking a quaint mountain retreat.

Further south you will find the hamlets of Huskisson and Mollymook in the St George’s Basin. Being only two and half hours drive from Sydney they are the perfect spot for a quiet weekend away or with their hosts of activities from golf to antiques shopping, are also a great place for a longer break.

And if that is not enough to convince you this in the perfect spot to hire a cabin than surely the whale watching tours and tucked away watering holes of nearby Jervis Bay are.

Eurobodalla Shire-

One of the first town centres you will find in this shire, and one well worth considering looking for a cabin to hire for an extended getaway is Batemans Bay.

It offers pristine beaches as well as access to the Clyde River, famous for its fishing and delicious oysters.

Batemans Bay is just three hours drive from Sydney and is also a popular spot, just shy of two hour’s drive, for those heading cross country from Canberra.

If you think you’ve seen enough of the pristine south coast coastline by now and the idea of a cozy cabin up in the escarpment is more your style, then the townships of Tilba Tilba and Central Tilba are amongst many that offer an array of boutique culinary shopping on account of the rich agricultural industry in the area along with many local artisan stores.

And if you’ve settled on a location for your south coast cabin break, be sure to check out the famous Mogo Zoo. It is one of the states most popular and renown animal parks that is a great way for a family to spend the day.

As you can see, the south coast is one of the most versatile holiday spots in the country and well worth taking the time to explore. So why not make your next break a south coast cabin getaway.

How to Know if Family Lawyers in Sydney are Doing the Right Thing by You

Gavel and Law books

There are some Australians out there who have been dealing with family lawyers in Sydney on and off for a long period of time. There can be many reasons for this and one example is when one party is prolonging the divorce proceedings. For example, they may be trying to get a ridiculous amount of money out of their ex-spouse in the settlement. Others may be wanting full custody of their children and won’t want the other party to be involved in their kid’s lives. Unless there is a good reason for this, there is no reason for someone to prevent their ex-spouse from seeing their own children. When situations like these arise, people can begin to feel disheartened, especially when they are paying good money to hire an attorney.

Thankfully, there are plenty of local family lawyers in Sydney out there who charge per case rather than by the hour which will often help out those who are struggling. Even if this is the case, people may be dealing with their chosen attorney for a long period of time and may even begin to feel like they aren’t putting in as much as effort as they did at the start. As it is so important to work with someone who puts their best foot forward at all times, this article will explore how to know is family lawyers in Sydney are doing right by their clients.


The family lawyers in Sydney aren’t trying to get more money out of the situation

Many people believe that attorneys are not to be trusted and this is because there are unfortunately some out there who will do everything possible to get more money out of the situation. They may purposefully add on extra charges at the last minute, will accidentally lose official documents that need to be replaced, or will purposefully draw out the proceedings. The good news is that these types of professionals aren’t likely to have a good brand awareness and aren’t likely to have returning clients. Instead, people should always check the reviews of a business before working with them. Furthermore, people should know that they are always able to change attorneys if they desire. Good family lawyers in Sydney will do everything in their power to not only get the best outcome for their client but will also aim to do this in the shortest time frame as possible.


The family lawyers in Sydney regularly check in

An easy way to know if family lawyers in Sydney are doing right by their clients is if they are regularly checking in. This may be to check up on documents that they said they were going to provide or it may simply be to see how they are going emotionally and mentally with the case at hand.

Furthermore, there may be times where an attorney is waiting on their client to make a decision about something before they can move forward. Instead of letting the case drag on, good family lawyers in Sydney will ensure that they are touching base with their client and are offering to help in any way that they can. Contrary to popular belief, it is in no one’s best interest to prolong a case, especially for professionals who only charge a set amount per case. They will want to find a solution that everyone is happy with as soon as possible so that their client is able to move on with their lives and so they are able to easily move on to their next case.


What Criminal Lawyers in Melbourne Require From Their Clients

What Criminal Lawyers in Melbourne Require From Their Clients

So much is demanded from criminal lawyers Melbourne who put their reputation on the line each and every week. Even when evidence runs to the contrary, they are in a position to ensure that their client’s interests are represented in a court of law.


However, for all the demands that are heaped onto these professionals and these law firms, there are actually some responsibilities that rest on the shoulder of the client.


This might not always be easy to hear and given the nature of the circumstances, there is little leeway given to the need to be a professional client. That imperative always seems to shift to the legal representative, but the truth of the matter is a winning case relies on more than a solicitor to tick the boxes and achieve the benchmarks that have been laid out in the war room.


A winning strategy requires both participants and instigators to coordinate their efforts and ensure that the opposition, whether that be the prosecution or defence, has an argument that is less compelling.


So here we will illustrate what is required from you – the client. If you follow through on these requirements, your solicitor will thank you.



Criminal lawyers in Melbourne need time for the wheels of justice to be turning in your direction. From filing for motions to scheduling hearings, speaking with witnesses and attending consultations, there is a myriad of work that has to be carried out behind the scenes. Rather than badgering a solicitor about developments every day or every few hours in extreme cases, you must be willing to acknowledge that you are on a ‘need to know’ basis and respect those parameters.

100% Transparency


Criminal lawyers in Melbourne are only as good as the information you provide them. Withholding information is not only a poor strategy that runs contrary to the attorney-client privilege provisions, but they eliminate loopholes and opportunities for your representative to argue your case with an understanding of the facts. Remember that the opposition might not be completely aware of every detail, so arming your solicitor with information can really improve the final decision.

Consistent Communication


From being patient with the dialogue and communication to offering up all of the facts, there is another facet of the relationship that criminal lawyers in Melbourne need from you as a client. That is to turn up to scheduled consultations, to answer calls and emails, and to generally be available to offer feedback, thoughts and respond to questions. The framework to develop a case can only be made by a willing participant who can assist the solicitor in guiding the narrative. That requires the client to be present when called upon, something that does not occur for clients that leave all of the heavy lifting to their representative.

Trust and Commitment


A final requirement that all criminal lawyers in Melbourne will desire from you is a genuine intangible, and something that might receive a strong degree of cynicism. This is in relation to trust and commitment, two words that are rarely associated with the legal field. Should you display anything resembling these two qualities to your lawyer, they will feel emboldened and empowered to proceed with their investigation of a case in the knowledge they won’t be fired or removed from their post. Solicitors who are made to feel as though their services are in jeopardy will be less inclined to commit to their tasks, a fact that is simply human nature.



Now that you know what criminal lawyers in Melbourne want from their clients, you can tick these boxes for them to ensure they are positioned to win your case. Lawyers that have perfect clients also loose any upper hand in an argument because you are able to showcase professionalism and diligence at every turn, something you should demand from your solicitor.

The Benefits of Utilising IBM Analytics For Your Business


Businesses in 2018 need to begin to understand the value of their data and how it can be utilised for their own advantage. It can inform them about all of their decisions that will impact the bottom line, from product profitability to packaging costs and value additions from sponsors and corporate entities.

IBM analytics is a software business intelligence tool that has been in the market for a number of years, and an asset that works to make those benchmarks easier to read and understand.


Given the depth and scope of applications that are out there in the market catering to this exact need, why should any organisation feel compelled to invest into this brand?

Having undertaken their own internal review to acknowledge various shortcomings in their offerings earlier this decade, IBM analytics has been spawned. No longer a lagging program that requires extensive manual installation, this is a friendly open portal that puts the user back in control.

Right now we will examine the benefits that this program offers to companies large and small all across Australia and the globe.

Make Functionality Visual

Organisations will never admit to a need to “dumb down” their management operating model, but a software application that is visual with functionality does become an asset. Reading analytical and research reports in standard text format is not only static for presentation purposes, but individuals and professionals can overlook important details that need to be accentuated and highlighted.

The IBM analytics dashboard enables the user to visualise the data that is in front of them, with graphic tools and colour codes helping to bring the information to life. Data does not have to be seen as a chore or a burden when it is presented in such a visceral manner.

Basic To Use As User

Extending this “dumbed down” approach, IBM analytics wants to follow many models that have been embraced in the digital commerce field by delivering a product that is basic for the user. Forget the days when an IT diploma was required or 10 years of relevant experience was necessary. In today’s climate, businesses do not have the time or money to invest in extensive educational programs to run their management department. This package from IBM helps with a drag and drop tool as the integration and embedding of data is as simple as anything that Apple can boast.

Customised Data Sharing

The capacity to send and share data is just as important as gleaning it at the central desk for any business. With department heads, executives and analysts needing to find the information on the go, IBM analytics enables customised data sharing to take place.

With the help of the cloud and mobile compatibility with the aid of a smartphone and tablet app, this brand is extending its reach to ensure that businesses can do the same with their management needs.

The customisation can see a business cater this app to their own needs, with the help of voice control going above and beyond as a technological advancement. That is one of the many reasons why businesses are opting for IBM analytics.

Live Analysis For Real Time Results

Lag time can really kill a business when it comes to interpreting and reacting to real time actions. IBM analytics issues analysis that occurs within the minute, ensuring that important events and updates are not overlooked. These notifications gives the power back to the business to maximise their efficiency.


IBM analytics happens to be one of many outlets in the business intelligence sector. Depending on your size and budget, software packages for business intelligence and management needs will be vast. What is clear though from the evidence presented is that IBM analytics has evolved and is in step with what a modern organisation needs.

Traits to look for when selecting criminal solicitors in Sydney

best criminal solicitors in Sydney

A conviction can be one of the most devastating impacts on someone’s life and can affect their freedom to travel, employability as well as their liberty in general. Understandably, when most people face police scrutiny they seek the best criminal solicitors in Sydney to work with them.

While not everyone has the same access to the world’s most expensive and renowned lawyers, the best criminal solicitors in Sydney are able to represent their clients on a wide range of charges that differ in severity. The most serious charges will be the hardest to defend against, and will obviously need the best possible legal representation to avoid conviction.

Depending on the available evidence and provability of the offence in question, some proceedings will take longer than others. The best criminal solicitors in Sydney share particular key traits that you should be looking for before hiring them.

Let’s take a look at some of the most important traits to look for when browsing criminal solicitors in Sydney.


The most important part of determining if someone is suitable for the job is to look at their qualifications. While you’re obviously browsing from trained lawyers, not all of them have equal education or accreditation.

Law Society Accredited Criminal Solicitors in Sydney are identified as specialist practitioners who offer an advanced version of the particular legal field. It goes without saying that the best criminal solicitors in Sydney will have the accreditation.

While not necessary to win a case by any means, the accreditation goes that extra bit further in providing your case with highly developed legal skills. These kinds of extra qualifications give you more peace of mind but are likely to cost you more money that a general litigator.

You get what you pay for!


While often confused, training and experience are entirely different things. The most studied law students who have memorised as much precedent as their heads can hold won’t hold a candle to a lawyer who has actively practised for decades.

While training and education are important milestones, the best criminal solicitors in Sydney will normally have at least 10 to 20 years courtroom experience. This experience should have been spread across defending a wide variety of different cases that challenged the lawyer and improved their skillset, with numerous cases being similar to yours – there’s no point hiring a murder specialist is you are charges with breaking traffic laws!

This work experience not only informs you that they can handle themselves in a courtroom, but that they can handle client relationships. It’s prudent to check the testimonials on their website to compare the way others have worked with them.

Work ethic

The third most important trait of the best criminal solicitors in Sydney has to do with how they actually work as a lawyer. Without much knowledge of the legal profession works you can still get a good sense of if you are able to work with them.

Make sure when you have you initial consultation that you take notes on how they carry out their daily work and how they correspond with clients. While not necessarily a bad thing, if you want a more personalised service and they use a team of legal aids, then you may be seeking a different lawyer with a different style.

While you might desire a lawyer who does everything themselves, there might be other trade-offs with that kind of workstyle, such as having less time for legal research. No matter what way they work, you need to be comfortable with it so that you are on the same page.

Ultimately, choosing the best criminal solicitors in Sydney comes down to considering a mixture of their training, experience and work style. If you are able to tick all 3 of these boxes you may have stumbled across one of the best criminal solicitors in Sydney.

Starting a Business? Here’s What You Need to Know

Open a business

also involves following rules and regulations, some of which you may not have initially considered. In order to prevent you from getting into hot water before you have even started, keep reading to learn about the laws of starting a business.


What should I do first?

The first thing you need to do when setting up a new business is to apply for an ABN and register a business name, both of which can be easily done online. However, lots of people are unsure about if they need a business plan to do this or not. Although you don’t need any formal business plan, when applying for an ABN and business name registration you will be asked to give details about your new venture, and much of this information would be included in a business plan. Some things you will be asked to provide are:


  • Details of business activities
  • Business structure
  • Proposed business name
  • Address and contact details of the business
  • Details of each person associated with the business


Do I Need to be Registered?

The simple answer to this question is yes. It is really important to keep your business structure up to date. If you fail to register your business name you are not complying with legislative requirements and your business can face serious penalties. On top of this, you could begin to operate under a name that is already in use- this can cause problems with the current business using that name and you could face being sued.


Sole Trader Vs Company?

One of the first things you need to decide when starting a business is what business structure you want to operate under; the two main structures are a sole trader or a company. A sole trader is a person trading as the individual legally responsible for all aspects of the business, whereas a company is a separate legal entity and the company owners are not generally liable for company debts. A company is a more complex business structure and involves higher set up and running costs than a sole trader. What business structure you decide on depends on the type of business you are running, how many employees you have and how much money the business makes.


What taxes do I need to register for?

The type of taxes you register for will depend on which business structure you operate under, what type of business you are running, and how much you are earning. You may need to register for taxes such as GST and PAYGW (pay as you go withholding) It’s also important to remember that if you are a sole trader you will be taxed as an individual but companies are taxed as a separate entity.


Obviously these points are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what you need to start a business, but they will definitely give you a head start out the gate! So, are you ready to take on the world with your new venture?


Who Keeps the Dog? What it means for your pet if you separate.

divorce dog

Separating from a partner is an emotionally draining and stressful time for everybody, and that’s before you and your ex get down to the nitty gritty of dividing up assets. It’s one thing to decide who gets the TV, but, what happens to the dog you both love? Unless there is a pre nuptial agreement (or a ‘pet-nup’) that stipulates who the pet is to stay with, it can become a complicated matter.


With many couples considering their pets as children- affectionately referring to them as ‘fur babies’- deciding who keeps them in a separation is becoming an increasing issue. Despite how couples view their pets The Australian Family Law Act states that animals are property, no different to a TV or a car. However, unless the animal in question is of value, such as a racehorse or a breeding animal, Family Law Courts will not be happy to find a pet included in a property settlement. If you are intent on including a family pet in a Property Settlement Application, it is important to remember that one option open to the court is to order the pet to be sold rather than staying with one of the parties. So, before you go down this route, keep in mind that you both may lose the animal.


Essentially, couples must try to decide an outcome between themselves. One way to do this is to go through a list of simple questions, such as:


Who bought the pet?

Who is the pet registered to?

Who feeds and/or walks the pet?

Who will be in a position to give the pet the best life once separated?


If children are involved, it is also important to consider their emotional health when deciding who keeps the pet. For example, if the children are particularly attached to the family dog, it may be best for the dog to live where the children will spend most of their time.


Another solution that is becoming more popular is to create a ‘Pet Parenting Agreement’ which states who the pet lives with and how much time it gets to spend with the other party. If you and your ex can come to an arrangement, this is often the best resolution as each person will get allotted time with the pet.


In the event that neither party can come to an agreement, the only other option is to take the case to a Small Claims Court or a Tribunal. However, depending on the state, there is no guarantee that they will deal with it. Even after taking the case to a court there is no legally binding ‘custody’ of a pet.


It’s clear in western society that people view their pets as a family member, so it becomes difficult when they are reduced to a mere possession in a separation. Personal feelings aside, both parties should consider what is best for the pet and base their decision on who is able to give it the best life.

Benefits of Sourcing Property Lawyers when Buying Land in Campbelltown

land property lawyers conveyancer

If you are based in the Macarthur region of South West Sydney and are looking to invest in a piece of land to own or lease, then you will come into contact with property lawyers in Campbelltown.


Some experts in this field are considered pure conveyancers who only concern themselves with legalities in the property market, whilst others lend their expertise to a raft of alternative departments in the legal profession.


What should be outlined in this facet as you undertake your own search of the market is that these experts are already multiple steps ahead of you. If you are entering this region without any prior knowledge or experience when it comes to buying or leasing, then you will need a sounding board and advocate to seek out.


Here is where property lawyers in Campbelltown enter the fray to help guide you and your family through the process.


Let us examine the benefits for engaging these representatives on your behalf.

Handling Paperwork


The logistics that have to be undertaken to purchase land and/or a home can be extensive and the paperwork is simply one element that comes into play for property lawyers in Campbelltown. Consider the registration of liens, estate documentation, draft deeds, modification of terms, transactions, zoning requirements, value estimates, environmental examinations and more.


This is all before the final contract would have to be signed and asking potential  property buyers in the market to undertake these tasks off their own accord is beyond the norm. There would also be potential impediments that could emerge over the course of the process with trespassing violations, disputes over encroachment and real estate restrictions becoming a factor.

Identifying Opportunities


Property lawyers in Campbelltown will be equipped with the understanding of what properties are up for sale, what regions are growing and what areas to avoid as a new family or investor is moving to Macarthur. The right house will not always make itself available at the first moment of looking and it will take a degree of insight and instinct that a conveyancing representative will have that will ensure they are looking out for the best interests of their client.

Undertaking the Conveyancing Search


The actual conveyancing search is a fundamental practice that property lawyers in Campbelltown will highly recommend they conduct in your presence. Of course there are no hard and fast rules as a potential buyer or investor can conduct the search themselves, but any details that need to be enquired about with questions on conditioning and alterations should require an expert on the spot. It will offer full disclosure and allow the party to make a more educated decision.

Monitoring Your Budget


During a consultation, anyone of the certified property lawyers in Campbelltown can take account of your accounts and help to identify an investment based on your budgetary constraints. A general conveyance fee will be in the region of $500 without disbursements should you be seeking a more modest investment. Yet a fully fledged legal representative can oversee more duties.

Knowledge of the Market


Who better to gain an insight into the fluctuations of housing and land in the Macarthur region than property lawyers in Campbelltown? The alterations that will be occurring in Sydney just a short drive North will have a direct impact on this niche and it will be that appreciation and network that will inform their advice during your search.



Whether you access a general conveyancer or other forms of property lawyers in Campbelltown, it is paramount that you sound out their advice and let them know your demands and circumstances around a search. Finding that right home or piece of land will not always be a straightforward process so acquire one of the practicing property lawyers in Campbelltown that you can trust.

Using Your Phone While Driving: What Are the Laws?

phone in car

It’s no secret that the NSW government are cracking down on people using their phone whilst driving. The penalties include fines and adding demerit points to the license of the offender, sometimes pushing people over the demerit point threshold and causing people to lose their license. But how many of us actually know all the laws surrounding this topic? Keep reading for a quick guide to the laws of using your phone while on the road.


I’m a Learner or Provisional Driver, What Can I Do? Anyone on a learner license or a P1 or P2 license is not permitted to use their phone at all when driving. If a learner or P1 driver is caught using their phone they will incur four demerit points and exceed their threshold, and face a three-month suspension. P2 drivers will have three demerit points remaining, so if caught again they will lose their license.


I Have a Full License: The laws are slightly different for those will their full license. If on a full license you are able to make or answer a call, providing the phone is in a cradle fixed to the car, or can be operated via Bluetooth. You are also able to use your phone for a map as long as the phone is in a cradle and not obscuring vision.


Can I use my phone if it’s in my lap? No, its actually illegal to use your phone if it is touching any part of your body! But, if you are on your full license, and have Bluetooth, you’re able to use your phone for calls even when its in your pocket.


Can I hold my phone at traffic lights or in traffic? This is also illegal, if you want to use your phone you must be parked off of the road or on the side of the road. There’s also a new law in place stating that if you wish to use your phone (even when off of the road) your engine must be off. If you fail to do this, you will get demerit points! So don’t forget to turn your engine off when checking your emails.


Can I use the audio on my phone if I don’t have Bluetooth? As long as you have an unrestricted license, and the phone is in a cradle, this is fine. The cradle needs to be attached to the car in a safe place, not obscuring your view of the road though. You’re also allowed to dial a number if your phone is in a cradle on a full license.


I’m on a provisional license, but I need to use a map, what do I do?  Although you’re not allowed to use a phone for its map unless you have a full license, provisional drivers and learners are allowed to use a GPS. So when you first start driving, a GPS might be a worthwhile investment!


As you can see, there are a lot of restrictions when it comes to using your phone while driving. These restrictions are in place to help drivers stay focused on the road. Follow this guide and you’ll avoid any hefty penalties while being a safer driver at the same time.

Top Tips for Choosing the Best Lawyer

choose the best lawyer

With so many law firms in every city, it can be hard to know where to start when it comes to choosing a lawyer. Unless you have a recommendation from a friend or family member it can be quite a daunting task. This stress is not lessened by the fact that you are finding someone to argue your case, essentially you are putting your fate in their hands. Keep reading to find out some top tips for choosing the right lawyer for you.


Fits Your Budget

The first thing for you to consider is the price range, the last thing you want is to go broke trying to pay for a service outside your means. However, this doesn’t mean choosing the cheapest lawyer you can find. If the price seems ridiculously low in comparison to the competition, there is probably something amiss. The aim is to find a lawyer that you can afford and that will do their best to help you achieve your desired outcome. With this in mind, contact several lawyers to arrange a free consultation. Make sure you inquire about costs and discuss this upfront so you are clear on what they charge. After meeting different lawyers, you should be able to make a decision based on their prices and if you believe they are able to get the best results for you.


Focused on Your Case

The initial meeting with a lawyer can be really important when it comes to making a decision. After meeting them reflect and ask yourself if they seemed focused and detail orientated. Will they be able to provide you with what you need? When choosing a lawyer, ask if you will be communicating with them directly or if you will be dealing with a paralegal; there is nothing more difficult than trying to express concerns to a lawyer who wont communicate with you directly. Let your instincts guide you, if you feel as though the lawyer isn’t interested in your case or they aren’t willing to answer questions, perhaps they aren’t right for you.



Although price and passion are important factors to consider when choosing a lawyer, it’s also essential to choose an experienced lawyer. Ensure that you pick a lawyer who has adequate experience in the area of law you require services. For example, use a family lawyer to draft up divorce papers and a criminal lawyer to defend you in a criminal case. General practitioners are fine for non complex matters, but their lack of detailed knowledge in a given field could hurt your case.


Check References

A good lawyer and a well respected firm will have a reputation to match. Ask friends, family and colleagues if they have any experience with the firm you are considering. Do your research and find out if the majority of people who have used the firm have been happy with the results. Even the best lawyers will have some dissatisfied clients, but you want to find someone with more good reviews than bad.


Finding a good lawyer really can mean the difference between winning or losing a case. If you follow these tips when you need a good lawyer, you’re bound to leave the court room smiling.


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